At Daven Primary School, the PE curriculum is designed to give pupils the knowledge and skills needed to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. The study of PE gives pupils the opportunity to develop their ability in a wide range of physical activities, whilst simultaneously developing leadership, team work and resilience. Delivery of the PE curriculum utilises specialist support, through the use of sport coaches, ensuring pupils have access to high-quality coaching.

The PE curriculum at Daven Primary School is designed to deliver the National Curriculum aims and beyond; knowledge and skills are structured to ensure that pupils gain the essential foundational skills of physical education and that these are built on each year, encouraging pupils to develop in line with the appropriate stage in their physical development. 


At Daven Primary School, PE is taught once a week, in a 1-hour slot. In addition to weekly PE sessions, we have a range of events throughout the year to increase our sport offering. For example, coaches come in to work with year 5 and 6 girls to deliver football sessions, we have dance workshops, cricket sessions and sports day. In addition, our year 3/4 class attend weekly swimming (all year round) whilst year 5 and year 6 childre attend booster swimming sessions to ensure they leave primary school being able to swim 25 metres. 

To improve our pupils' physical, social, emoitional and mental health and wellbeing, the Daily Mile is completed each day too. Playtimes and lunchtimes also have a range of sporting activities for children to participate in and play leaders, in year 5 and 6, help facilitate these 'zones'.


Our PE curriculum and sports' offering enables children to be ready to build on their skills and knowledge in the next phase of their education.

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