At Daven Primary School, our design and technology curriculum is designed to give pupils the knowledge and skills needed to design and make a range of products. The study of design and technology gives pupils the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination within a practical workspace, whilst also learning how to have a critical understanding of products and the design process.

The design and technology curriculum, which we deliver, is designed to cover the National Curriculum aims and beyond; knowledge is structured so that each term and year build upon one another and ensures pupils gain the essential aspects of the subject knowledge, whilst developing creative, technical and practical expertise. The subject knowledge of design and technology draws on knowledge learnt in computing, science, maths and art and design. In addition, oracy is promoted through each unit of learning. 


Six key areas areas are revisted every year, with 'electrical systems' and 'digital world' beginning in KS2. These six areas out outlined below.

The design process is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Each of our units of learning allows children to desgin, make and evaluate. Whilst doing so, they develop key techinical knowledge and vocabulary, which is developed each year.  

Below, the roadmap gives a summary of the units being taught in each year group. It shows how pupils return to key areas again and again during their time in the primary phase. Each time these areas are revisited it is covered with greater complexity. Prior knowledge is important; we revisit what children have already covered so pupils can build on previous foundations, rather than starting again.



We ensure that by designing a coherently structured, curriculum for design and technology, pupils gain the depth of knowledge required to be successful designers and fully prepared for their next phase of education. 

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