MFL: Spanish

At Daven Primary School, we aim to develop children's understanding as global citizens and offer the opportunity to learn about other cultures through teaching the Spanish language. The children develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills throughout their years of learning Spanish. We use the Primary Languages Network programme of study to teach Spanish from Reception - Year 6. Please find below our justification for teaching Spanish and the progression of skills across the school. 


‘Languages are an essential part of a broad, balanced curriculum. Not only do they provide an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others, they also help children to understand what it is to be a global citizen. This includes the importance of tolerance and understanding, which is crucial knowledge in today’s world.’ (OFSTED, 2021)

In MFL at Daven, our programme is based on the Primary Languages Network Spanish Scheme.  This allows children the freedom to explore their social and cultural development. Children develop knowledge and understanding of a range of other cultures where the primary language spoken is Spanish. It should develop pupils so they can participate positively in society with other cultures. Our MFL curriculum aims to develop language literacy through the use of different skill areas including speaking, listening, reading and writing embedded within contexts.  

The curriculum for MFL aims to ensure that:

  • introduce young children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and fun.
  • enable children to use their knowledge of the language with confidence to understand, speak, read and write
  • help develop awareness of another country and another culture
  • express simple ideas with clarity using sentences and appropriate punctuation
  • learn poems and songs
  • understand and use basic grammar
  • foster an interest in learning other languages by laying the foundations for future study


The MFL programme of study follows the Primary Languages Network Spanish Scheme via the Click2Teach resources.

  • Spanish is taught from Reception to Year 6 using the ABC Spanish scheme for KS1 and the Click2Teach resources for KS2.
  • Spanish is taught for 20-30 minutes weekly in all year groups. In EYFS/KS1 this is done through shorter 10-15 min sessions including songs, videos, pictures and discussion.
  • Spanish language is embedded in other learning e.g. register, Maths, colours (Art).



  • Assessment within MFL should be meaningful and support monitoring and tracking of pupils over time.
  • Formative ongoing assessment is used in line with the whole school feedback policy. Summative assessment is a snapshot at the end of a unit each half term.
  • The assessments used are linked to the progression of skills for each year group.
  • Teachers assessment will inform the MFL Assessment Tracker.

Personal Development opportunities through Spanish.

  • Children will have a stronger awareness of the world around them and will be mindful of the beliefs of others.
  • Children will feel they are valued as individuals and that their cultures are celebrated.
  • Enjoyment of the MFL curriculum will promote creativity, achievement, and confidence. 
  • Children feel safe to learn new things and share their culture with others in an accepting environment.
  • Children promote social and ethnic harmony, with an awareness of the British values.
  • Children develop deeper understanding of their own and other’s rights as global citizens through the connections made to Rights Respecting Schools Award and the UNICEF Articles.

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